Research papers in Data Center

A dynamic flow control mechanism based on a hierarchical feedback model for data center networks
K Mizutani, O Akashi, A Terauchi, T Kugimoto… - Network Operations and …, 2012
Abstract Many studies have focused on developing Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
flow control mechanisms to enable more effective use of bandwidth in data center networks.
However, the studies cannot achieve total optimization of bandwidth use for data center ...

Data center emergency power management

DW Haney, CJ Mateski… - US Patent 8,195,340, 2012
Abstract: A media, method, and data center power management system are provided to
manage planned and unplanned data center power outages in a data center having network
elements. During a planned outage, a remote device generates a request to simulate a ...

Thoughts on the Internet architecture from a modern enterprise network outage

B Ujcich, KC Wang, B Parker… - Network Operations and Management …, 2012
... tier Network Architecture The Clemson network is designed in the pattern of a Cisco hierarchical
internetworking model with three tiers: core layer (CL), distribution layer (DL), and access layer
(AL) [1]. The Clemson campus network consists of two data center networks (Poole ...

Stackelberg game to derive the limits of energy saving for the allocation of data center resources

X León… - Future Generation Computer Systems, 2012
Abstract Energy related costs are becoming one of the largest contributors to the overall cost
of operating a data center, whereas the degree of data center utilization continues to be very
low. An energy-aware dynamic provision of resources based on the consolidation of ...

[PDF] Application-level Flow Scheduling for Efficient Collective Data Transfers

VS Kumar, J Tucek, JJ Wylie, E Krevat… - 2012
... HP Laboratories HPL-2012-16R1 Abstract: Collective data transfers among sets of
processes over high-bandwidth, low-latency data center networks are anintegral part
of Big Data computations (eg, the data shuffle in MapReduce). ...


T Brandt… - 2012
Abstract Over the past two decades the rise of information technologies (IT) has enabled
businesses to communicate, coordinate, and cooperate in unprecedented ways. However,
this did not come without a price. Today, IT infrastructure accounts for a substantial fraction ...

Data Center Cooling

AB Carlson - US Patent 20,120,138,259, 2012
Abstract: A system for cooling air in a data center includes a data center having electronic
equipment in operation, a cooling water source, and a plurality of on-floor cooling units. The
cooling water source is configured to retain at maximum capacity a total amount of water. ...


Y Chang - US Patent 20,120,140,407, 2012
Abstract: An exemplary container data center includes a container, servers received in the
container; and a ventilating system for cooling the servers. The ventilating system includes a
filter, an exhaust pipe and a blower. The filter includes a chamber and filtering fluid ...

CrossRoads: Seamless VM mobility across data centers through software defined networking

V Mann, A Vishnoi, K Kannan… - Network Operations and …, 2012
... For cross data center VM mobility, virtualization vendors require that the network configuration
of the new data center where a VM migrates must be similar to that of the old data center. This
severely restricts wide spread use of VM migration across data center networks. ...


C Wei - US Patent 20,120,142,265, 2012
Abstract: A container data center includes a container and a number of server systems
arranged in two rows. The container includes a top wall, a bottom wall opposite to the top
wall, and opposite sidewalls connected between the top wall and the bottom wall. Each of ...

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